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PRIMUS 2008 - 2015

   2008 - 2015

Primus is a programme financed from structural resourses and implemented by the Foundation Archimedes. The aim of the programme is to support the quality of education provided by higher education institutions and raise the competitivness of lecturers. The budget of Primuse is 228 million kroons, 95% of which is coming from the European Social Fund. Programme offers a wide range of possibilities: tuition course, networks, realisation of one´s own ideas etc. 
Information about the whole programme:

Tallinn Health College programme coordinator is Maria Goborova.

The programme has six fields of activity:

1. Development of lecturers´ teaching- and supervision skills  - Olesja Zeel
2.Development of high quality outcome-based education - Silja Mets
3. Development of the quality of the application of APEL - Maria Goborova
4. Support of the efficiency of strategic management - Vootele Tamme
5. Carrying out reserach work and analyses - Lilian Ruuben
6. Support of learners´ coping - Katri Kauniste

In different programme aactivities are also participating Kadri Ann Salla, Ave Sireli and Ulvi Kõrgemaa.

Self evaluation team of a pilot project "Quality assurance in higher education institution", initiated in the frames of programme PRIMUS: 

Head of the team:
Piret Tamme
Ülle Ernits
Reelika Haan
Reine Kadastik
Ulvi Kõrgemaa
Lilian Ruuben


18.02.2013 there is a programme Primus meeting at the Tallinn Healt Care College. Participants of the meeting are rector Ülle Ernits, vice rector Ulvi Kõrgemaa, vice rector of development and international relations Tiina Juhansoo, director of finance and administration Ave Sireli, head of the department of academic affairs Maria Goborova, head of the Chair of Optometry Vootele Tamme, students secretary Janne Timmotalo and specialist in VÕTA and admissions Inna Semjonova.

17.10.2012 the vice rector of development and international relations Tiina Juhansoo, head of the Studies Department Liina Tenno and the head of the Department of Vocational Education Piret Tamme participate in the seminar titled "Kvaliteedijuhtimine kõrgkoolis" organised by the European Social Fund" (ESF) programme "PRIMUS" in Tallinn.