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Master's programme

Master`s studies

Health Sciences

Nominal length of study: 1,5 years
Language of studies: Estonian

Aim of the curriculum

To offer opportunities for deepening the knowledge in health sciences, for readiness for independent and interdisciplinary collaboration, to conduct research and development and to continue their studies at doctoral level. 

Learning outcomes of the curriculum

  1. Has comprehensive knowledge of health sciences, knows research methods used in health sciences, is ready to implement these methods in finding solutions to the topical professional research problems.
  2. Is ready to work both independently and in an interdisciplinary team, is able to demonstrate their sense of initiative, responsibility, management and teamwork skills;
  3. Is able to critically evaluate the quality of health care, to manage both Estonian and international research and development projects.
  4. Is able to have a reasoned discussion in topical profession-related discussions in the society  in Estonian and in English.
  5. Initiates the development of value-based health care, is tolerant towards the diversity of attitudes and values.
  6. Systematically undertakes professional self-development and transfers their knowledge and skills .

194200 Curriculum of Health Sciences from 2022

194200 Curriculum of Health Sciences from 2019

194200 Curriculum of Health Sciences from 2018

The membership of the Curriculum Council for General Nurse (1467) and Health Sciences (194200) from 15.09.2020:

  1. Kristi Puusepp – Head of Chair of Nursing, Head of the Curriculum Council
  2. Jandra Ristikivi – Head of General Nurse Curriculum
  3. Kristi Rannus – Head of Health Sciences Curriculum
  4. Saima Hinno - Head of Nursing and Midwifery Department, Tartu Health Care College
  5. Anneli Kannus – President of Estonian Nurses Union
  6. Ülle Rohi – Board member of the East Tallinn Central Hospital, Nurse Director, Employers´ representative
  7. Priit Kruus - Tallinn University of Technology, Lecturer, School of Information Technologies Department of Health Technologies, Program Manager of Health Care Technology
  8. Aleksei Gaidajenko – Alumnus of Master´s studies of Health Sciences curriculum, Director of Nursing of the North Estonia Medical Centre
  9. Dickon Weir-Hughes – external expert, mentor at Boston College School of Nursing, ANPC (nurse-specialist) assessor in Royal College of Nursing
  10. Silja Mets-Oja – Head of Health Education Centre
  11. Lily Parm – Lecturer-Lector, Head of Clinical Nursing Module
  12. Aivar Koppas - Pereõde OÜ, Home Nursing Service
  13. Kadri Ann Karlson – Student of General Nurse Curriculum
  14. Margus Haiba – Student of Health Sciences Curriculum
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    Kristi Rannus

    Head of the Health Sciences Masters Curriculum, Associate Professor

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