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Advisory Board

Tallinn Health Care College Advisory Board
Approved with Minister of Education and Research regulation No 63, 26.01.2010 (amended 28.09.2011, No 708; 13.12.2013 No 558; 23.03.2015 No 107; No .1.1-2/18/380 31.10.2018, No 1.1 2/20/228, 25.09.2020 )

Tõnis Allik

AS Medicum, Chairman of Board

Ülle Rohi

East Tallinn Central Hospital, Board Member, Nurse Manager

Elina Haavisto

University on Turku, Department of Nursing Science, Professor;
Helsinki Metropolia University on Applied Sciences, Principal lecturer

Sigrid Vaher

Ministry of Education and Research, Higher Education Department, Deputy Head of Department

Kalju Meigas

Tallinn University of Technology, Professor, Department of Health Technologies, director

Urmas Sule

Pärnu Hospital, Chairman of Board and Estonian Hospital Association, Chairman of Board  

Ester Öpik

Tallinn City Government

Heli Paluste

Ministry of Social Affairs, Chief Specialist af Department of Health Care

Merike Sisask

Professor of Social Work at Tallinn University and Estonian- Sweden Institute of Mental Health and Sucide,
Chairman of Board and Research fellow 

Agris Peedu North Estonia Medical Centre, Chairman of the Board


The Chairman of Advisory Body is Tõnis Allik and the Deputy Chairwomen is Ülle Rohi (in comission till 04.2021).