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Guide materials for the researcher

In Tallinn Health Care College (hereinafter college) development plan for the period 2012-2016 development, cooperation and applied research are important parts through which the competences of the graduates and the quality of providing and developing health service in purpose of the wellbeing of the community, using employer's and college's material and human resources optimally, emphasizing that the college´s lecturers are experts on their field, who manage and carry out applied researches in cooperation with professional associations and employers, and other institutions and organizations.

The college has approved applied research directions by the chairs, which are the bases for the planning and conducting the specific applied research. For starting the applied research there must be a properly formed research project. In case of human being is an object of the research, the object of the research must have the approval of the College Commission of the Bioethics, or Tallinn Medical Research Ethics Committee, or Research Ethics Committee of the University of Tartu.

Rubric "Guide materials for the researcher" is for those who are starting with an applied research for helping to find needed information, also for those, who are interested in the ethics and rules of the human researches.

This part of the homepage is administered by the Commission of the Bioethics and all proposals for improving the page are welcome to the address: