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Information about the curricula you can find HERE.

Level of Study Work load Study form(s) Tuition fee Language of studies
Professional higher education between 180-270 ECTS daytime, external free of charge, tuition fee* Estonian, English*
Master`s level 90 ECTS daytime, external free of charge Estonian  
Vocational Education between 60-120 ECVET workplace-based, school-based  free of charge, tuition fee** Estonian, Russian***

*Assistant Pharmacist (in English)   
**based on admission competition
***Care Worker in Kohtla-Järve

In higher education studies are free of charge when studies are in Estonian and the student completes the curriculum cumulatively in full volume by the end of each academic year, tuition fee is only set for English-taught curriculum - Assistant Pharmacist. In vocational education the studies are provided both for free or for a tuition fee based on admission competitions.

In higher education students are admitted to daytime studies. External studies are for learners who have been previously exmatriculated from the same or similar curriculum. Part-time studies are available for students (admitted from autumn 2019) who haven`t completed the requirements of full-time studies by the end of the academic year.

1 ECTS / 1 ECVET corresponds to 26 hours of work in acquiring knowledge and skills.

Based on the curriculum, the study form and the admission, contact lessons are from Monday to Friday or in cycles (for example Monday to Wednesday, a week in a month etc). Exact time schedule is set out in the study information system.

Contact lessons are divided into 90 minute cycles:

Lesson Time

08.30 - 10.00


10.30 - 12.00


12.30 - 14.00


14.30 - 16.00


16.15 - 17.45


18.00 - 19.30


Professional higher education studies end with defending a graduation thesis or taking a final examination (according to curricula). At master`s level students have to take a master's degree examination. In vocational education studies are considered as completed when the learner has achieved the learning outcomes of the curriculum and performed vocational examination necessary for the completion.