Start of studies

Students matriculated at the College will be entered in the register of the Estonian Education Information System (EHIS) and Study Information System (SiS).

The academic year of the College starts on a Monday closest to 1 September and lasts for 12 months (incl. 2 months of vacation) according to the academic calendar. The academic year is preceded and followed by a period of two academic weeks that are to make up for insufficient academic progress. During these preceding and following weeks, educational activities may be conducted according to a plan prepared by the corresponding structural unit.

Educational activities for achieving learning outcomes are conducted in the form of lectures, seminars, training sessions, laboratory work, individual classes or educational activities determined in another manner aimed at acquiring knowledge and skills. Contact-based learning takes place in a learning environment (including e-learning), where both a student and a member of the teaching staff participate.

All the in-depth information about the provision of the studies, services and support will be given at the beginning of the studies. In professional higher education (PHE) the subject Introduction to Learning (2 ECTS) covers all the basics which is needed to handle studies at the College. In vocational education and master`s studies the same information will be given in first contact lessons.

Student card

Students who have been matriculated at the College can apply for a student card to prove their student status. International Student Identity Card ISIC provides several discounts and depending on the type of the card, it can be also used as a bank card. Information about different card options you can find HERE.

You can order the ISIC card through the Federation of Estonian Student Unions or the bank (SEB, Swedbank). Further information about the ordering click HERE.

First year student guidebook

All first year students recieve a guidebook at the beginning of their studies, which include introductory information about the academic regulations, support services, financial support etc. It comes in a calendar notebook which the students can use throughout the academic year. The guidebooks are distributed in the first contact lessons at the College. 

Student Hostel

Students studying at the College can apply for an accomodation in the Student Hostel. The student hostel is situated near the school main building - it takes about 15 minutes of slow walk to get to the College from the student home. It accommodates up to 200 students and rooms are for 2 or 3 people. Single rooms are not available. The students can start applying for the student hostel after they have been accepted at the College. For further information about the hostel and the prices click HERE.

Living in Estonia

For an overview about living and studying in Estonia you can find thorough information on the Estonia website.

Students with special needs

Tallinn Health Care College supports people with special needs both during the admission and learning process. To figure out any possible adjustment needs please contact our Admission Specialist or Specialist of Studies (see contacts below).

Accessibility in Estonia

Estonia is working on meeting the needs of disabled people. Local transportation has buses and trams with a low floor. There are taxis with wheelchair access. Many buildings have ramped access and wide doors as well as bathrooms accessible for disabled persons. Please find further information about services in Tallinn for disabled people here!

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