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Pilot Project of Home Care Workers in Estonia 09.2005-05.2006

Tallinn Medical School is  participating in the  European  Social  Fund’s pilot project for homecare workers, the aim of which is to train homecare workers.
The training program starts in September 2005 and lasts for 9 months including 3-months paid practical training (6 months integrated practical and theoretical training and 3 months practical training).

Project was organized in partnership with the Labor Market Broad, Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Education and Science, Danish and Estonian private sector.

The main target group of the training Russian- speaking women, who are  unemployed and without professional education  and the aim of the project is to prepare workers for helping elderly or handicapped people in their homes or in caring institutions.

The training program is based on Danish experience and will be accomplished by schools, involved in the project (Tartu Medical School, Tallinn Pedagogical Seminar, Kohtla-Järve Medical School, Professional Training Center in Valgamaa, Tallinn Medical School).
Homecare-workers´ training is based on the Social Helpers professional standard I, II, III (approved by the Healthcare and Social Work Professional Council, 18.04.2005) corresponding to the requirements of the 1st level of professional qualification.

The training of trainees was organized by the Danish project partner (April 20-21), the next training will take place in May 26-27, 2005 and September 8, 2005.

The participants in teachers training from Tallinn Medical School are:
Merike Kravets (project coordinator), Anne Ehasalu, Irma Nool, Mare Tupits, Tiina Klettenberg – Sepp and Õilme Siimer.