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Tempus 2005-2008


Trans- European Cooperation Scheme for Higher Education

Agreement No. CD_JEP-25227- 2004
01.09.2005 – 30.08.2008

This Tempus Jep project aims at developing the basic, further and continuing education of nurses in the participating institutions in accordance with the Bologna process by 2008. The project will focuse on developing the nursing pedagogics, namely through developing content, teaching/learning methods, information technology and practical instruction/training.

Tallinna Health College chose children diabetes for the first disease, the family nursing of which to teach to students in the frames of the project. In the future is planned to develop the same kind of possibilities for other chronical diseases as well.  In the picture there is a diabetes patient-doll Paavo, who helps children learn how to make injections.



Project partners:
Pirkanmaa Polytechnic, FINLAND
Bogorodsk Medical Institute, RUSSIA
Nizhny Novgorod Diabet League, RUSSIA
Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy of Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation, RUSSIA
Tallinn Health College, ESTONIA

The Tallinn Health College team:
Tiina Juhansoo
Mare Tupits
Leila Kalde
Riina Shor
Eve Kartau
Mai Maser
Marika Asbeg
Milvi Moks
Lagle Suurorg 


3-13.09.2005. Meeting in Nizhni Novgorod and a camp for diabetes children in Vacha, Russia. From Tallinn Health College the participant was Tiina Juhansoo.  



31.10-4.11.2005. Project meeting in Tampere, Finland. From Tallinn Health College the participants were Tiina Juhansoo, Riina Shor and Leila Kalde.



15.-17.05.2006. Project meeting in Tallinn. Participants: Tiina Juhansoo, Riina Shor and Leila Kalde from Tallinn health College; Leena Minkkinen, Marija Malkki, Jouni Tuomi and Seija Timgren from Pirkanmaa Polytechnic, Natalja Vakina and Vladimir Sentyalov from Nizhni Novgorod Diabetes League; Alexandr Petrov and Tatjana Pozdeejeva from Nizhni Novgorod Medical Academy; Olga Kueznetsova, Svetlana Mukhina and Marina Kueznetsova from Bogorodsk College. 

Presentations:  Clinical chemistry   Medical nurse- organisator of patients therapeutical teaching 

06-12.06.2006. Children camp in Kurgjärve, Estonia. Participant: Riina Shor.

21-30.06.2006. Children camp in Kurgjärve, Estonia. Participant: Tiina Juhansoo.

I course "Health promotion for a diabetes child and his/her family" in Tallinn Health College (2AP/3ECTS) 2005/2006. Participants:
N4-5 Nõmberg Diana, Voronaja Jekateina, Polištšuk Alla, Filippova Natalja, Vaimel Svetlana, Drõndina Nastasja
N3-2 Danek Anna, Dupikov Krista, Makarova Elena, Rannamets Anu, Sõlg Linda- Kristina

2.-09.09.2006. Learning camp for diabetes children and their families in Vacha, Russia.  Participants: Leila Klade ja Riina Shor.

10-12.09.2006. Project meeting in  Nizhni Novgorod, Russia. Participant: Tiina Juhansoo.



26.09.2006. Baltic TEMPUS conference in Tallinn, Estonia. Participation of Tallinn Health College in the project TEMPUS was introduced by Tiina Juhansoo.  Presentation

II course "Health promotion for a diabetes child and his/her family" in Tallinn Health College(2AP/3ECTS) 2006/2007.  Participants:
M-II    Pikkasaar Laura
N2-2  Suute Marju,  Kairi Lepp
N3-1  Sepp Maris, Lahi Merilin, Pošutilo Anna
N3-3  Sapunova Anna,  Abdurahmanova Irina, Dudina Anna
N3-5  Dzalilova Svetlana, Gratšinskaja Oksana,  Jasska Viktooria, Kharlamova Ljubov

15.02-17.05.2007. TEMPUS project exchange student and teachers in Tallinn Health College.
Course "Health promotion for a diabetes child and his/her family"

Nizhni Novgorod State Medical Academy: Vera Noskova, Oxana Otvagina, Vera Malysheva
Bogorodsk Medical College:  Nina Sosnikhina, Anastasia Degtyariova, Alexander Nazarov 
Bogorodski Meditsiini Kolledz:  Nina Sosnikhina, Anastasia Degtyariova, Alexander Nazarov 



14–17.05.2007. Project meeting in Tallinn , Estonia.

Participants: Leena Minkkinen,  Tuomi Jouni,  Seija Timgren,  Alexander Nazarov,  Anastasia Degtyareva,  Nina Sosnikhina,  Vera Noskova,  Oxana Otvagina,  Vera Malysheva,  Tatjana Pozdeejeva,  Alexander Petrov, Olga Kuznetsova,  Svetlana Mukhina,  Elena Kolbasina, Natalja Vakina, Tiina Juhansoo,  Mare Tupits,  Riina ShorPicture 1  Picture 2  Picture 3  Picture 4  Picture 5

3-8.09.2007. Study-camp for diabetes children and their families in Vacha, Russia.  From THC are participating Riina Shor and Tiina Juhansoo. Please see the pictures: Picture 1  Picture 2   Picture 3

The manager of oral hygien programme Jana Helemäe is sendig to the participants Orbit chewing gum.

9-11.09.2007. Project meeting in Nizhni Novgorod, Russia. From THC is participating Tiina Juhansoo.


4-7.10.2007. Tiina Juhansoo participated with a presentation about the programme in Estonia at the programme TEMPUS conference in Riga.  "Tempus in Estona"

16.10.2007. During the celebration of the anniversary of Tallinn Health College Tiina Juhansoo and Mare Tupits made a poster presentation "Programme TEMPUS project "Health promotion and nurses´ guidance skills".  Picture

26.10.2007. Mare Tupits introduced the programme TEMPUS project "Health promotion and nurses´ guidance skills" to the nurses in West Tallinn Central Hospital.  

16.11.2007. Mare Tupits introduced the programme TEMPUS project "Health promotion and nurses´ guidance skills"  to the students and teachers of the Chair of Nursing in Tallinn Health College. 

7.12.2007. In the frames of the programme TEMPUS CD project  "Health promotion and nurses guidance skills" are the lecturer of Tampere Polytechnic Leena Minkkinen with five students visiting stationary diabetes  center  "ÕUNAKE"  and Tallinn Health College. Hosting lecturers: Riina Shor, Mare Tupits. 

18.02-17.05.2008. In the frames of the programme TEMPUS – Trans- European Cooperation Scheme for Higher Education project „Health Promotion and Nurses´Guidance Skills“ student exchange are Natalia Yazenok and Galina Ryabova from Nizhni Novgorodi State Medical Academy and  Anna Bobrovskaja and Olga Asinshina from Bogorodsk Medical College studying in THC. 


Olga Akinshina and Anna Bobrowskaya from Bogorodsk Medical College.


Natalia Yazenok and Galina Ryabova from Nižni Novgorod State Medical Academy at their workplace.


Galina Ryabova and Natalia Yazenok presenting their poster.


Eha Hõrrak and Galina Ryabova.


Galina Ryabova, Mare Tupits, Olesja Zeel, Eha Hõrrak and Natalia Yazenok in front of Tallinn Health College.


Natalia Yazenok and Galina Ryabova successfully graduated from Nizhni Novgorod State Medical Academy, Galina Ryabova with diploma cum laude.



22.02.2008. Tuition day of the TEMPUS_JEP programme project "Health Promotion and Nurses´ Guidance Skills". Promoters: Riina Shor, Mare Tupits.

1-8.03.2008. TEMPUS CD project "Health Promotion and Nurses Guidance Skills" conference and work meeting in Russia. Participants: Tiina Juhansoo, Riina Shor, Mare Tupits.
Presentations 4.03.08: Minkkinen  Pozdeeva  Sentialov  Strongin  Timgren  Tuomi1  Tuomi2  Vakina

Presentations 5.03.08: Juhansoo  Noskova  Otvagina  Petrov  Shor   Vakina

15-16.04.2008. Tiina Juhansoo, Mare Tupits and Galina Pilt with exchange students from Russia Galina Ryabova, Olga Akinshina, Anna Bobrovskaya and Natalia Jazenok  are participating in the programme TEMPUS project "Health Promotion and Nurses Guidance Skills" study days in Tartu University and Riga Medical University, Latvia, to get acquainted with the health care systems and teaching of chronic patients in Baltic states.

1-6.06.2008. Final meeting of the project Tempus in Pirkanmaa Polytechnic. Participants: Tiina Juhnasoo, Mare Tupits, Riina Shor.   Picture 1  Picture 2   Picture 3


28.01.2013 there is a preparatory meeting via Skype in the frames of the "Trans- European Cooperation Scheme for Higher Education" (Tempus) programme. The participants from the Tallinn Health Care College are rector  Ülle Ernits, vice rector of development and international relations Tiina Juhansoo, head of the Chair of Nursing Kristi Puusepp and lecturer of the Chair of Nursing Agve Nuiamäe. Participants from the Tampere University of Applied Sciences are Leena Minkkinen and Jouni Tuomi.