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Well, Man? Men's Wellbeing and Health in a European Perspective 1.11.2011-31.08.2012




Men´s health and wellbeing have effects on the individuals and his family as well as on the national economy e.g. in the form of lower productivity and higher health care costs. We know that men are less healthy, have more social problems and die on the average 5,3 years earlier than women in Europe. Even if this is a well known fact the topic has been neglected in public discussion, research and in social and health care. This IP project is aimed to address the problem and give it visibility as well as suggest actions to improve the situation.

The project is looking at men´s health and wellbeing from a broad perspective: physical, mental, social, cultural and spiritual/existential. The aim is to give the students tools for their future work.  During six study circles preceding the IP the students will gather material for a portfolio that describes the typical man in their respective countries. During the IP the students will work in transnational groups using the material in the portfolios but also other kinds of sources. At the end of the IP each group will present the state of the European man as a synthesis of the work done during the IP.  

Project coordinator:

Thomas More Kempen University College, Belgium


Project partners:

Novia University of Applied Sciences, Finland
Tallinn Health Care College, Estonia 
Klaipeda College, Lithuania
University of Cadiz, Spain
Atei of Thessaloniki, Greece
Technologico Ekpaideftiko Idryma Athininas, Greece


7.-18.05.2012 Erasmus IP WellMen3 project intensive course takes place in Tallinn Health Care College. Participants: Katrien Pauwels, Katleen Van, Eline Meeusen, Liesje Cannaerts, Karolien Baldewijns, Melissa Nelen, Kristof Verschueren from K.H. Kempen University College, Belgium; Monica Norrgard, Mariela Cecilia Vainio, Lina Kjellman, Yasmine Blom, Johanna Wikgren-Roelofs, Martina Andersson, Linda Maria Kylkis, Henrika Elisabeth Carita Sjöholm, Kristiina Pitkäaho, Jonas Ole Rurik Westerholm from Novia University of Applied Sciences, Finland; Celia Lopez Blanco, Jose Maria Nunez Vargas, Claudia Fernandez Partida, Maria Poveda Cano, Rafael Pablo Ruiz Perez, Jose Ramon Lorenzo Penuelas from University of Cadiz, Spain and Liisi Aas, Essi Vahtras, Merike Lauri, Jaanika Jõgi, Eda Timm, Jane Teesalu, Kätlin Luks, Marijaana Siimson, Ave Kõrve from Tallinn Health Care College.

16.-18.11.2011 a preparatory meeting for the LLP/Erasmus intensive programme WellMen3 takes place at the Tallinn Health Care College. The intensive programme is planned to be carried out in May 6-14, 2012 at the Tallinn Health Care College. Participants: Monica Norrgärd and Johanna Wikgren-Roelofs from Novia Univesrity of Applied Sciences, Finland, Kristof Verschueren from Belgium, from Tallinn Health Care College Tiina Juhansoo, Silja Mets, Ave Kõrve, Mari Piir, Riin Rodenberg, Liina Kokk, Liisi Aas, Merike Lauri, Essi Vahtras, Kätlin Luks, Eda Timm, Kristina Mai, Jaanika Jõgi.