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Pediatric Health Care and Promotion 28.09–02.10.2009


28.09–02.10.2009 In the framework of the NordCare project of the Nordplus programme an intensive course titled "Pediatric Health Care and Promotion" takes place at the Tallinn Health Care College. Participants of the course are lecturer Gry Handberg and students Geir Sundkoien, Nina Evenrud, Evy Norheim from the Hedmark University College, Norway; lecturer Agneta Danielsson and students Eva Andersson, Malin Garlberg, Jenny Emtford Kyrk from the Karlstad University, Sweden; lecturers Tiina Juhansoo, Sirje Tarraste, Mare Tupits and students Kiira Ponomarjova, Panainti Posmats and Olga Gordiko from the Tallinn Health Care College, Estonia; lecturer Gitte Taulo and students Johanna HulkonenPaula Turro Pirkanmaa University of Applied SciencesPhoto 1Photo 2Photo 3Photo 4Photo 5