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Erasmus+ Programme project "Care of Pressure and Venous Ulcers in Simulation Environment"

Tallinn Health Care College with its international partners Turku University of Applied Sciences TUAS, Escola Superior de Enfermagem de Coimbra ESEnfC, Istanbul University, Semmelweis University carries out the Erasmus+ Programme project  „Care of Pressure and Venous Ulcers in Simulation Environment“, code of the project 2018-1-EE01-KA203-047119.

The aim is to carry out the project in collaboration with the international partners resulting in the evidence-based e-learning online course in the simulation environment within 3 years, the course consists of two parts: e-learning and practical tasks in the simulation environment. E-learning consists of online training materials and self-assessment tests, which able to acquire theoretical knowledge. Practical tasks able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills when solving the tasks about the care of the chronic wound. The following topics are covered within the course: options for the prevention of chronic wounds, the causes, assessment, care of the ulcer and choice of ulcer plasters. Another aim is to develop collaboration between the insitutions of higher education and cultural awareness.

The activities are planned on the basis of Tallinn Health Care College Development Plan.

The participants of the care of the chronic wound course can be both, the students of the institutions of higher education and the professionals working in hospitals. The students take two parts of the course, the experienced nurses may choose how many parts they would like to take according to their needs.

The following employees of Tallinn Health Care College are involved in the activities:

  • Eve Epner, Head of International Relations, contact  Project manager, is responsible for entering into contracts and financial matters.
  • Ljudmila Linnik, Senior Lecturer of the curriculum of the nurse, contact Is responsible for carrying out the substantive activities of the project.
  • Siret Piirsalu, Head of Lifelong-Learning Centre, contact, is responsible for dissemination activities and for reporting.

Students of the curriculum of the nurse:

  1. Anete Rätto
  2. Kristina Lillemets
  3. Janika Loog

Additional information:

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    Siret Piirsalu

    Head of the Lifelong Learning Centre-Estonian Language, Leading lecturer

    • 671 1726 / +372 52 38 928
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