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Nurse Education Development (NURED)

Interreg Central Baltic  CB 399

Nurse Education Development


The aim of the project is to develop 2 new curricula for home care nurses and home care workers by:

  1. surveying and designing new curricula
  2. to train teachers in the new curricula
  3. evaluate and publish results

New curricula focuses on team work/ professional skills, ICT solutions and skills, e-learning/distance learning, stress/time management, psycosocial work and ergonomics. Graduated students from the new curricula will be prepared to use their own
resources, are motivated, have higher self esteem, have new skills in education and at future work, leading to efficient studies and preparedness for life long learning.

Project`s homepage and blog.

The developed NURED curriculas for home care nursing (as well as other project material) are available for FREE download on HERE.

Project lead partner: Arcada-University of Applied Sciences (Yrkeshögskolan Arcada AB)

Project partners:

  • Tallinn Health Care College
  • Riga Stradins University (Riga Stradina Universitate)
  • Mälardalen University (Mälardalens Högskola)

Project team members is Tallinn Health Care College:

Piret Tamme - Head of the Department-Lecturer of Vocational Education, project leader

Angela Eensalu-Lind - Lecturer-assistant of the Chair of Nursing, project member

Gerli Liivet - Estonian Nurses Association, project member

Viiu Tuulik - MD.PhD, project member

Julia Kapponen - Coordinator of home nursing (OÜ Koduõde), project member

Maria Goborova -, project financial manager