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EU-Canada project: Inequalities in Access to Rural Communities 2004-2008

EU - Canada project “Inequalities in access to rural communities.” 
2004 – 2008

The ”Inequalities in access to rural communities” project involves Canadian and European undergraduate and graduate students in health programs (nursing and nutrition).

This project aims to establish a strong cooperation between the European Community and Canada. It is also based on the will to promote the shared knowledge of European and Canadian services internationally. A multidimensional program will be developed to explore the role of the health professional within each country´s health care system. This will help the students and stuff involved to develop multicultural awareness and recognition of specific health care beliefs and values held by people from each country, and will allow them to participate in an international “cultural immersion experience”.

The main focus of the program is to foster student exchange, in different health care disciplines; to establish a network of scholars and practicing health care professionals working towards the development of joint curricula and instruction delivery; and to promote increased cooperation and exchange of ideas among the partner countries.

Project partners:

Université de Moncton
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Norman Gionet, Dean and Project Director
Jocelyne Landry, Canadian Coordinator
Lita Villalon, Professor
Nathalie Boivin, Professor
Liette Clément, Professor

Mount Royal College
Lorna Smith, Project Director
Chad London, Professor
Pam Nordstrom, Professor

University of Prince Edward Island
Kimberley Critchley, Project Director

Bournemouth University, England

Ian Graham, Project Director
Eileen Richardson, Professor

Uppsala University, Sweden
Eva Bergknut, Project Director

Savonia Polytechnic, Finland
Liisa Koskinen, Project Director

Tallinn Health College, Estonia
Tiina Juhansoo, Project Director


28.-30.11. 2004. The first annual meeting of the project in Washington, USA. From Tallinn Health College participated Project Director Tiina Juhansoo.

7.-9.03.2005. Study visit of the projecti partners from Canada, Sweden and Finland (Pamela Nordström, Maureen Mitchell, Kim Critchley, Carole Martin, Lita Villalon, Eva Bergknut, Sinikka Korsikka) to Tallinn.

12.-19.03.2005. Tiina Viikmann`s study visit to Canada to get acquainted with all three partner universities in Canada.

10.-12.11.2005. The second annual meeting in Bournemouth, UK. From Tallinn Health College participated Tiina Juhansoo.

8.-10.02.2006. European managers of the project Eileen Richardson and Ann Hemingway visited Tallinn, to get acquainted with Tallinn Health College.

18.04.-23.06.2006. Exchange students France Martin, Vicky Doiron and Isabelle Laplante from the University of Moncton studying in Tallinn Health College.

18.04.-23.06.2006. THC students Kristel Kaur and Jevgenia Makarova  studying in the University of Moncton, Canada. 

09.09.-09.12.2006. THC student Liina Laumets studying in Mount Royal College, Canada.

21.-23.11.2006. Project meeting in Tallinn.
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12.04.-30.06.2007. THC students Maarja Vilberg, Julia Beljajeva and Keidi Välisson studying in the University of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

11.-15.06.2007. Tiina Juhansoo participated in the project meeting and presentation of project materials at the 19 IUHPE WORLD CONFERENCE on Health Promotion and Health Education in Wancouveris, Canada.

12.-16.05.2008. Poster presentation about the project at the Tallinn Health College INTERNATIONAL WEEK.