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Curriculum of Optometrist

Aim of the curriculum

The aim of the Curriculum of Optometrist is to train specialists with professional higher education who evaluate and correct visual acuity – optometrists whose knowledge and skills enable them to work in optics shops, in clinics dealing with vision correction and treatment, in occupational health care enterprises, in research institutions dealing with vision ergonomics and visual perception, and in wholesale firms of optics products.  

Learning outcomes of the curriculum

  1. Evaluates client’s visual acuity and determines the most suitable devices for correcting client’s vision.
  2. Fits and assembles spectacles and other devices for vision correction (except contact lenses) accordingly with prescribed parameters and client’s needs.
  3. Identifies the pathologies of the visual system, and if necessary, refers the client to the ophthalmologist´s.
  4. Recommends and fits vision rehabilitation aid.
  5. Handles on professional level all work instruments and devices listed in optometrist’s professional standard and can maintain them, if needed.
  6. Collects and interprets new information using suitable methods and instruments.
  7. Behaves ethically and tolerantly with all persons, irrespective of their origin or national identity.
  8. Improves oneself professionally and orients in professional innovations.

1479 Curriculum of Optometrist from 2020
1479 Curriculum of Optometrist from 2017
1479 Curriculum of Optometrist from 2011
1479 Curriculum of Optometrist from 2009