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Assistant Pharmacist

An Assistant Pharmacist is a specialist who knows medication and the work in pharmacy, deals with producing and dispensing medication in pharmacy, and also with customer counselling concerning medication. An Assistant Pharmacist can also work in medication wholesale companies and in other businesses dealing with medications, medical and health products. Working in this field requires accuracy, correctness and good communication skills with individual in need of help.

The basis of studies is the internationally accredited study programme, after which the student acquires professional higher education. For acquiring the diploma and pharmacist’s professional qualification, a final exam comprising speciality subjects must be passed. 
An Assistant Pharmacist’s profession requires profound knowledge in science subjects and thus our study programme has been drawn up accordingly.

During the first year, basic knowledge will be acquired about the structure of human organism and its functions, microbiology, botany, genetics, chemical substances and processes related with them - i.e knowledge that is the groundwork for getting to know and using of medication and herbs. Latin language will be studied as a speciality language.

During the second and third year, professional knowledge will be acquired about pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacognocy and pharmacology; knowledge about contemporary medication preparations, their affect and use of treating illness; knowledge and practical skills for manufacturing medication. Knowledge will be acquired also about pharmacy work and the organization of pharmacy speciality and the legal acts regulating this area.

The necessity for pharmacists in Estonia is high. Finding a suitable work position is not difficult. The diploma and professional certificate of pharmacist enable to find speciality work also in foreign countries.

Pharmaceutical Assistant’s and Technician’s Work Placements in Estonia

Nominal length of study: 3 years
Language of studies: Estonian language (in Tallinn)