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Curriculum of Assistant Pharmacist

Aim of the curriculum 

The aim of the Curriculum of Assistant Pharmacist is to train specialists with professional higher education – assistant pharmacists who are familiar with medicines and the preparation of medicines and other medicinal and health products and whose knowledge and skills allow them to work in pharmacies, wholesale pharmaceutical companies and other companies involved in the handling of drugs, medical products and health care products. 

Learning outcomes of the curriculum

  1. Knows medicines, their composition and technologies of extemporaneous manufacturing, is capable of sensory evaluation of the quality of medicines as well as evaluation thereof by routine physical and chemical methods.
  2. Is able to explain to the client the effects and side effects of medicines and medicinal herbs and their use for the treatment and prevention of diseases.
  3. Is competent when dealing with the ordering, receiving, preparation and dispensing of drugs in the pharmacy, is familiar with pharmaceutical legislation.
  4. Is cognizant with the main professional problems concerning the work of a pharmacist and can make suggestions to solve them.
  5. Is able to use in their professional work, within their competence, the expertise of other specialities and, where appropriate, consults with representatives of other fields.
  6. Is capable of explaining orally and in writing specialty related problems in Estonian and in English using professional information technology tools and communication methods.
  7. Values cultural differences, is tolerant and respects the differences of people, their work is guided by the principles of professional ethics.
  8. Is able to competently use professional sources of information and support materials to solve problems arising in the work, understands the need for lifelong learning and keeps abreast of professional developments.
  9. Possesses basics skills of management, entrepreneurship and teamwork necessary for working as an assistant pharmacist.

Examples of subject programs:

1477 Curriculum of Assistant Pharmacist from 2020
1477 Curriculum of Assistant Pharmacist from 2017
1477 Curriculum of Assistant Pharmacist from 2016
1477 Curriculum of  Assistant Pharmacist from 2012
1477 Curriculum of Assistant Pharmacist from 2009
5505205 Curriculum of Assistant Pharmacist 2007-2009