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Dental Technician

The objective of dental technician curriculum is to train dental technicians, whose level of knowledge and skills enables to produce contemporary and quality dentures (dental restorations).
The auditory teaching is organised in auditoriums and dental technical study-labs with contemporary furnishing, using quality materials and study-instruments.
Every year at the end of a basic subject, students familiarize their knowledge and skills at practical training bases in real working conditions with the instructing of experienced dental technicians. A person having graduated studying must be able to develop the speciality.

For admission, the candidate should present/pass:

  • average grade from the certificate of secondary education (the preferred state exams are biology, chemistry, English language);
  • Estonian language test;
  • modellating test;
  • interview relating profession suitability.

The skills of manual activity are very important and a few exercising weeks are not enough for developing it, it requires a long term experience.      

Nominal length of study: 3,5 years
Language of studies: Estonian language (in Tallinn)