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Curriculum of Dental Technician

Aim of the curriculum

The aim of the Curriculum of Dental Technician is to provide internationally recognized dental technicians with professional higher education, who possess knowledge and skills to prepare dental prostheses and orthodontic appliances as well as conducting applied research, and have readiness to develop the field of the profession and engage in lifelong learning. 

Learning outcomes of the curriculum

  1. Has a systematic overview of main theoretical concepts of dental technology, material qualities and technologies used in making dental prostheses.
  2. Knows the possibilities of application of the profession of dental technician and is aware of current issues of the field, is able to formulate, analyse and connect them to other specialties and offer different solutions.
  3. Orientates in evidence-based professional information, is able to independently collect, critically analyse, and use the information.
  4. Is able to prepare dentures and orthodontic treatment appliances using appropriate methods and technologies, is able to critically plan and assess potential consequences.
  5. Possesses necessary skills in management, entrepreneurship and teamwork needed to work as a dental technician.
  6. Is able to explain dental technology problems orally and in writing in Estonian and in English, using modern tools of information technology and communication technology.
  7. Is able to apply acquired knowledge and skills in his/her work, is ready to work as a dental technician and is guided by the professional ethics.
  8. Understands the principles of lifelong learning and opportunities and possibilities of professional development, keeps abreast of the latest achievements in dental technology.

80166 Curriculum of Dental Technician from 2020
80166 Curriculum of Dental Technician from 2017
80166 Curriculum of Dental Technician from 2014
80166 Curriculum of Dental Technician from 2009

Dental Technician Curriculum Self-Evaluation Report 2008