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Health Promotion

The purpose of health promotion studies is to provide general knowledge about health development, health promotion and its basics: the latter comprises the evaluation, planning and managing of health situation in community, designing health policy, and to teach skills for working in public, private and non-governmental systems in the field of public health. The curriculum also creates the basis for further studies in Master-level studies in various universities. 
Health promotion specialist is a professional with qualified higher education whose activity focuses on the developing of health and living-standard of individuals, groups, organizations and population. The purpose of health promotion specialist’s activity is to work for developing a health-supporting environment and equal opportunities for different social groups in order to enhance their health potential.

Health promotion specialist’s primary orientations are:

  • developing and activating people in community in order to manage with solving local problems and enhancing life quality;
  • influencing different political decisions for achieving health supporting environment;
  • developing partnership with different sectors and institutions;
  • developing the population’s health consciousness and skills;
  • launching support groups for developing health supporting environment;
  • to make the health services available for everybody;
  • analyzing population’s health situation.

Nominal length of study: 3 years
Language of studies: Estonian language (in Tallinn)  

The health promotion specialist study programme of Tallinn Health Care College corresponds to higher education standard, comprising integrated theory and practice studies.