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Curriculum of Health Promotion

Aim of the curriculum 

Aim of the curriculum is to provide the students with internationally recognised quality professional higher education for working in the field of public health, and to enable the student to acquire necessary competencies for professional work and continuing their education on Master degree level.

Learning outcomes of the curriculum

  1. Has basic knowledge about health promotion, development of public health, global population health and skills for planning interventions and implementing them in health promotion.
  2. Has an overview about the basics of scientific work and research, contemporary epidemiology and research methods in health promotion, and knows how to determine the interdisciplinary connections in different fields and how to implement them in professional activities.
  3. Is able to correctly express himself or herself in Estonian and English, both orally and in writing, and to draw up specific information for the public and is able to contribute to professional discussions, including on topics, such as health policy and population empowerment.
  4. Shows initiative on initiating health promoting projects and conducting them, and has the leadership and teamwork skills necessary for their work.
  5. Is able to associate and apply the acquired knowledge and skills in professional work, including solving the problem of inequality in general population’s health, based on ethical principles.
  6. Is able to critically analyse and evaluate the results of their professional activities upon solving the problems of the general population’s health.
  7. Acquires principles of lifelong learning and values application of them in professional development as a health promotion specialist.

Examples of subject programs:

80997 Curriculum of Health Promotion from 2020
80997 Curriculum of Health Promotion from 2018
80997 Curriculum of Health Promotion from 2017
80997 Curriculum of Health Promotion from 2011