Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapist is a specialist with special higher education in the areas of activity and occupational performance, who uses every-day activities as an instrument in one’s work. Occupational therapy focuses on human being, aspiring to maintain and achieve optimal functional capability and quality of life in person’s everyday life and natural environment.  During the studies there is a rotation of lectures, seminars and practices, at the end of every academic year there is practicing outside the college in different practical training bases. Occupational therapists can work in hospitals, social and health care institutions, open care, nursery schools, schools, caring homes, as a member of rehabilitation team or as an independent specialist. Graduates will be awarded the professional higher education diploma. The diploma corresponds to the requirements of III level professional standard of occupational therapist established in Estonia.       

Nominal length of study: 4 years
Language of studies: Estonian language (in Tallinn)

The Tallinn Health Care College occupational therapist study programme corresponds to higher education standard and European Union directives regulating integrated theory and practice studies. As our institution participates in several international cooperation programs, the students have an opportunity to study as exchange students in various European countries. Thus, good English skills are important.    

Through the eyes of a student

“I came to study here after I discovered such a nice speciality as occupational therapy. Participating in activities most certainly affects human health. It would be nice to become a therapist who knows how to use important and interesting activities for caring for human health.”

“I choose occupational therapy in order to be able in the future to deal with people and to help them through activities. There are a lot of practical trainings in college, lecturers are professional, understanding and friendly; fellow students are kind hearted, nice and helpful. Subjects are very interesting. Lecture rooms have contemporary design and the college building is situated in a peaceful neighbourhood at Mustamäe district”.

- I year student of occupational therapy