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Curriculum of Midwife

Aim of the curriculum

The aim of the Curriculum of Midwife is to provide internationally recognized professional higher education for working in the area of health care and to enable the student to acquire necessary competencies for working as a midwife and nurse and for continuing one’s education in Master`s studies. 

Learning outcomes of the curriculum

  1. Has a systematic overview of the foundations of midwifery and nursing, ethics and philosophy, while working in an interdisciplinary team.
  2. Applies responsible and process-based patient/client and family centred midwifery and nursing care, connecting professional evidence-based theory, practice and holistic approach to a human individual.
  3. Is able to discuss in Estonian and in one foreign language (English) on an international level deriving from the profession of midwife on people's customs, attitudes and beliefs coming from different cultures.
  4. Implements in his/her professional activities the knowledge of teaching, management and entrepreneurship, possessing readiness for self-directed learning and professional development.
  5. Synthesizes the principles of research and its possibilities of application in the field of profession.
  6. Has complied with the requirements of the EU directive on the profession of a midwife and a nurse.

Examples of subject programs:

1470 Curriculum of Midwifery from 2021
1470 Curriculum of Midwifery from 2020
1470 Curriculum of Midwife from 2018
1470 Curriculum of Midwife from 2017
1470 Curriculum of Midwife from 2013
1470 Curriculum of Midwife from 2009
1470 Curriculum of Midwife 2007-2009