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Evidence-Based Health Care Teachers & Developers

Evidence-Based Health Care Teachers & Developers (EBHC)

Main objective of the Network:

  • To explore how the findings from current research into evidence based practice can be incorporated into the practice of teaching.

Detailed objectives:

  • to explore existing knowledge and experience related to teaching EBHC; 
  • to define the current state of EBHC teaching and practice, including key achievements and deficiencie;
  • to summarize existing published and unpublished research related to EBHC teaching and practice; 
  • to create opportunities for partnership in research and development of tools and strategies for EBHC teaching and knowledge transfer; 
  • to review recent changes in understanding of health care knowledge delivery.

Tallinn Health College representative in the network is: vice rector Ulvi Kõrgemaa.

Please find further information here

Representative of the Tallinn Health Care College: Ulvi Kõrgemaa, vice rector of academic affairs