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Educating the new European Professional in the Knowledge Society
European project EDUPROF

On behalf of the European Network for Universities of Applied Sciences joined together in the European project EDUPROF a survey shall be carried out with the aim to understand the nature and profile of research activities undertaken by Applied Higher Education Institutions (AHEI) in  Europe in order to deliver high level professional education and prepare professionals for professional practice.

In order to address the research activities of (AHEI) in Europe, for each country two questionnaires shall be used: one for national (partner) associations and the other for Applied Higher Education Institutions.

The survey has the following objectives:

  • To obtain an up-to-date picture of the nature and role of research by AHEI in Europe.
  • To identify good practices of research activities and issues relevant for professional evelopment.
  • To map the ways AHEI in Europe take up the challenge of integrating applied research in curricula.
  • To function as a source of information shared by all partners and to be used in the follow up activities.  

Tallinn Health College participated in the project by answering the Questionnaire  for Applied Higher Education Institutions.