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General Nurse

General Nurse is a health care worker who offers nursing care to people, helping to enhance their health, to prevent diseases and risk factors, and to support their recovering from diseases. Nurse acts as a team member in different health care sectors and institutions offering health care services. A nurse can also offer partial services independently. 

The study program comprises 120 ECTS of theory studies with 90 ECTS of practicing in hospitals and health centers. Theory studies comprise also 276 hours of practical studies where all the students train their necessary procedures in a simulation environment before heading to actual practice.

After graduating from basic studies it is possible to continue studies in Master's program in health sciences in both Tallinn and Tartu health care colleges that last 1.5 years (full-time studies) and three years (part-time studies) in Tartu University. In colleges, you can choose a specialization between four specialties: intensive care nursing, health nursing, mental health nursing, and clinical nursing. In university, there is the possibility to specialize in nursing management and pedagogy.

Nominal length of study: 3,5 years
Language of studies: Estonian language (in Tallinn and Kohtla-Järve).