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Curriculum of General Nurse

Professional Higher Education

General Nurse

Aim of the curriculum

The aim of the Curriculum of General Nurse is to provide internationally recognized professional higher education for working in the area of health care and to resume specialty education and/or on the curriculum of nursing or on other open Master level curricula. 

Learning outcomes of the curriculum

  1. Knows the basic concepts of nursing and health, theoretical and ethical foundations of nursing, the anatomy, physiology, and psychology of a healthy and sick person and physical and social factors affecting health.
  2. Is able to formulate problems related to nursing including research and development objectives, is able to analyse and evaluate different solutions, initiates and/or participates in research, development and project work.
  3. Is able to independently diagnose and provide quality process-based nursing care linking nursing theory and practice as well as the knowledge from other fields: collects information, evaluates and analyses critically the needs of nursing care, plans nursing care according to the patient’s needs and evaluates and analyses the quality of care.
  4. Is able to independently council, supervise and support people and their families needing nursing care to promote the health of a single individual as well as of community and ensure quality care and well-being.
  5. Is immediately able to independently start taking life-saving measures and act on crisis, catastrophy and emergency situations.
  6. Is able to communicate and cooperate with patients/clients, their close family, members of the health team and members of other fields of health care and social work, uses necessary e-health information systems, communication and health care technologies and tools. 
  7. Is able to explain in Estonian and in English, orally and in writing the problems related to nursing process, participates in nursing related discussions.
  8. Values the holistic approach to the human, the variety of attitudes and values, patient and family centredness and is able by considering the social and ethical aspects to evaluate the role of nursing and its impact on single individual and society.
  9. Knows the principles of teamwork, management and entrepreneurship and is able to implement them in his or her work, is willing to participate in civil society.
  10. Knows the opportunities and assumptions of lifelong learning and professional development and is able to undertake continuous professional self-development and adapt to different changes in the society. 

1467 Curriculum of General Nurse from 2021
1467 Curriculum of General Nurse from 2017
1467 Curriculum of Basic Nursing Education from 2011