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Child minder is a worker who has acquired knowledge in the area of caring for children and supporting their development. The aim of the baby sitters work is to support the physical, emotional, intellectual and social development of the child considering the familys needs in taking care of the child. In one’s work baby sitter is guided by the childs rights, wellbeing and safety. Baby sitter provides a service that can be offered at the child’s home, at the baby sitters home or elsewhere in a place chosen by the parents.

Childminder level 4 initial training curriculum

Nominal length of study: 1 year
Language of studies: Estonian language (in Tallinn).

129237 Curriculum of Childminder from 2021

129237 Curriculum of Childminder from 2017
Operational programme of the modules for the Curriculum of Childminder (school-based form of study)

Childminder level 5 continuing training curriculum

Nominal length of study: 6 months

It is applied with the studies that the learner has knowledge, skills, values and attitudes necessary for childminder´s occupation, incl. caring for a child with increased care needs and supervising activities, and readiness for professional self-improvement and life-long learning.

Requirement for beginning the studies as a childminder at this curriculum is having education of a childminder, level 4 vocation or corresponding competencies and secondary education.

227202 Curriculum of Childminder from 2022