Student Hostel Application Form

Student Hostel Application Form is meant for exchange students who start their study period at Tallinn Health Care College. You may enter your request for accommodation as soon as you have been accepted for studies/traineeship at Tallinn Health Care College! Most rooms are for 3 students. Single rooms are not available.

This application form is only for exchange students who will start their study/practice period in Tallinn. If your traineeship takes place outside of Tallinn please contact Ms. Irene Kollo (contacts listed below).


Most rooms are for 3 students. Please note that each student has to fill in his/her application form.
  • Monika Alasoo

    Monika Alasoo

    Manager of the Student Hostel

    • +372 6 552 675 / +372 5 854 6300
    • Üliõpilaskodu
  • Irene Kollo

    Irene Kollo

    Specialist of Studies

    • +372 671 1734
    • 102