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Dora Plus

The overall goal of Dora Plus is to make Estonia a more attractive place for studying and research and to make the education offered by higher education institutions more internationally competitive.

Dora Plus Action T1.1 "Internationalization of higher education, support for mobility and growth" will support short-term learning and research related activity abroad.

The grant allows you to attend a professional conference, seminar, course or other professional activity abroad (teaching and research activities such as working in a library, using a research lab, developing study materials, working with a supervisor, consulting, participating in fieldwork, etc.). Short-term study mobility abroad lasts up to 30 calendar days.

Applicants can apply for support if they are one of the following at the time of the mobility:

  •     Master's or PhD student;
  •     A lecturer or researcher who is not older than 35 years of age or who has not held a doctoral degree for more than 5 years. On parental leave, the restrictions can be extended proportionately.

The grant application and selection of grantees is done at the university, the grant is paid to the grantee by the Education and Youth Board. The activities are funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Dora Plus Action T1.1 Guide

Application procedure (et) for Dora Plus T1.1 scholarships at Tallinn Health Care College

Application Form (et) for Dora Plus Action T1.1 Scholarship

The activities are implemented by Education and Youth Board. DoRa Plus information on the programme's website.

Please send the request to Grete Sõõru.


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    Grete Sõõru

    Head of International Relations

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