ATTENTION | There will be an emergency exercise at Tallinn Health Care College on April 12!

On the morning of April 12, a sudden attack exercise will take place at Tallinn Health Care College, which will involve The Estonian Police and Border Guard Board, Tallinn Emergency Medical Service, The North Estonia Medical Centre, Estonian Rescue Board, Estonian Military Academy and Emergency Response Centre.

Because of this, a number of police, ambulance and rescue vehicles can be seen around the Tallinn study building (kännu 67).

Classes at the college are held according to the lesson plan and a study groups have been selected to participate. Others are advised not to plan any activities and meetings in the building that day.

The purpose of the exercise is to assess the skills of college's students and staff to respond to emergencies, to assess the ability to act in accordance with the emergency plan, the ability to provide first aid in an emergency, the ability to follow the instructions of the situation manager, evaluate evacuation and test the college's emergency plan.

The exercise ends at approximately 12 or 1 p.m.