The admission to new Assistant Pharmacist curriculum in Tallinn Health Care College will be opened from May 4th

At Tallinn Health Care College, admission is a constant process, which takes place during different admission periods around the year. From May 4th 2020, the admission will be opened for English-speaking candidates, who can apply to the new Assistant Pharmacist curriculum.

Assistant Pharmacist curriculum in English is unique in the Baltic Region and will be carried out for 3 years in a system of study cycles, including contact studies and mostly independent work and e-learning via Moodle and web-based seminars (e.g. Zoom). The contact studies period will vary between semesters, for example during I and II semester there will be 5 weeks and during III and IV semester there will be 3 weeks of contacts studies. The curriculum is focused on pharmacotherapy, pharmacology and phytotherapy with the aim to educate graduate pharmacy assistants, who are ready to work in general pharmacies but are also able to work in pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. During the contact studies period students will take part in seminars and practical work in modern and well-equipped laboratories for example in chemistry, botany, phytotherapy and pharmaceutical technology. 

All lecturers of the curriculum are acclaimed professionals from different countries as well as from Estonia with long work experience in different academic fields and professional work. Students can take part in research projects, conferences and speciality events. Interdisciplinary studies help students to recognize problems outside their own profession and develop cooperation between different healthcare professionals.

Admission process consists of a specialty test and admission interview, which can be done online. The application fee is 50€. If the candidate proves admissible, the tuition fee will be less by 50€ in the first year of studies. The tuition fee is 2700€ per semester (5400€ per year).

Further information about  and admission can be found HERE and HERE.