Forms of Study and System of Study

Instruction is based on a course system where the learners shall, on the basis of a timetable, fully complete the subjects established by the curriculum.

In vocational training, instruction is provided in the form of school-based or workplace-based studies (apprenticeships).

The language of instruction is Estonian. Any other language as the language of instruction shall be approved by the Minister of Education and Research. The need for proficiency in other languages to achieve learning outcomes shall be specified in curricula. 

Information about the prorgammes taught at the college can be found HERE.

All the programmes are taught in Estonian! A candidate who has not acquired basic, secondary, or higher education in Estonian has to present a certificate* of proficiency in Estonian at least level B2 to start the studies in the college. A candidate whose B2 level examination result in Estonian is less than 80 points or who does not have a documentary evidence proving the knowledge of Estonian has to pass the Estonian language level test.

*Public documents proving the knowledge of Estonian are accepted only ( certificates of proficiency in Estonian level B2 issued by the National Examination and Qualification Centre, and state exam certificates in Estonian, e.g. Estonian as the second / foreign language).

The Estonian language assessment is based on the common European Framework of Reference for Languages (description of the Estonian language proficiency level B2). The Estonian language assessment takes place in the Summer School. The language assessment is obligatory for each candidate having no certificate.

To apply for admission, the following documents are required:

1.High school diploma or the corresponding proof of qualification.
   Official notarized translation of foreign documents into Estonian is required.
   Recognition of the qualification by the Estonian ENIC / NARIC bureau is required (when an applicant has acquired his/her education in another country).
2.Identification document (ID-card) or passport.

Admission Regulations can be found HERE.

Helpful links:

1. Estonian language examination at level B2 (Innove)
2. European Framework of Reference for Languages 
3. Recognition of the qualification (ENIC / NARIC)
4. Visa, residence permit (Police and Border Guard Board)