How long the studies last and how often lectures take place?

The nominal lenght of Assistant Pharmacist curriculum studies is 3 years in a system of study cycles, including contact studies and mostly independent work and e-learning via Moodle and web-based seminars (e.g. Zoom). The contact studies period will vary between semesters. You can see the specific information about contact studies and e-learning periods grouped by semesters and weeks HERE.

How much studies cost?

Assistant Pharmacist curriculum is fee based. Please note that the tuition fees apply to all students (domestic and international). The application fee invoice will be sent via e-mail after we have received the candidate's application within a few working days. 

  • The application fee is 50€, which is non-refundable. If the candidate proves admissible, the tuition fee will be less by 50€ in the first year of studies.
  • The tuition fee is 2700€ per semester (5400€ per year).
When starts the first semester?

The academic year of the College starts on a Monday closest to 1st SeptemberThe 2021/2022 academic year starts on 30 August 2021You can see the full 2021/2022 academic calendar here. There will be no application period in 2022!

Do I have to stay in Estonia during my whole studies

No. You have to be in Estonia on contact studies periods. Other weeks are e-learning and you are not supposed to be in Estonia on these periods, but you can stay if you want. You can see the specific information about contact studies and e-learning periods grouped by semesters and weeks HERE.

Where can I live in Estonia?

Tallinn Health Care College has a student hostel, where you can live. You can read more information about the hostel HERE.

You can also rent private rooms or flats as well. Private rooms or flats can be found through newspapers, websites or real estate agencies operating in the city. However, the best flats are most often found via local acquaintances and friends. It is common for international students to share bigger flats. Splitting the rent among friends may offer an opportunity to find great accommodation at an affordable price. Prices can vary widely depending on the number of rooms and facilities offered. It is recommended to look for an apartment with the help of Estonian tutors, students, friends or professors - like any place else, rents might be typically inflated for foreigners in Estonia.

To get an idea of offered private apartments, you can check the following websites:

If I am already in Estonia, do I have to apply via SAIS or DreamApply?

Candidates that hold any citizenship other than Estonia (who do not have an Estonian identification code) ought to submit their application via DreamApply.

Candidates with Estonian citizenship, who have an Estonian identification code or long-term residence permit should submit their application via SAIS, according to applicable admission requirements.
What documents are required for applying to Assistant Pharmacist curriculum?

For applying you need:
1. Identity card (ID-card) or passport
2. Certificate of completion of secondary education or equivalent (certified at the Estonian ENIC/NARIC Centre, if the certificate has been obtained abroad)
3. Certificate of proficiency in English at least at the B2 level. Acceptable language certificates:

  • Cambridge language test
  • IELTS language test
  • TOEFL language test
  • Innove Cambridge Assessment English C1 Advanced
What is the condition of admission?

The Assistant Pharmacist curriculum admission consists of a specialty test and admission interview.
1. Specialty Test* covering Botany, Chemistry, Anatomy, and Physiology. The specialty test is in written form with multiple choice and short answer questions.
2. Admission interview*. In the interview, the following criteria will be assessed: vocational motivation, preparedness to study, knowledge of the profession, ability to express oneself in English, communication skills.

*The test and interview will be conducted online.

Who can I contact for any additional information?

For further information or questions please feel free to contact our Admission specialist at admission@ttk.ee or find us on Facebook!